25 Jan 2009, 11:00am


Sunday Double-Header

I just completed a double-header at the movies…Underworld 3: Rise of the Lycans and The Curious Case of Benjammin Buttons. Both films were excellent in their own ways. Underworld 3 is excellent in a cult-ish way as Benjammin is excellent in a “oscar” way. Underworld 3 is on par with the first of the series where the action and mythology sweeps you in. ┬áNot to mention, Michael Sheen as Lucian is just amazing!

The Curious Case of Benjammin Buttons is what you expect from a modern epic. I went through a full range of emotions…one minute I’m crying, the next I am laughing, then I am appalled, etc, etc. None the less, I enjoyed the two hours spent following Benjammin’s life. You can add this movie to the same list that Forest Gump resides on. Although the one thing missing is an unforgettable quote…I guess that is its only flaw.

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